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Why curb appeal projects are most important to homeowners

Beautifying a home can also be budget-friendly.

Curb appeal can also be budget-friendly with the right materials.

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What trees and debris can do to siding

A downed tree can bring damage to a home.

Tree and debris can be dangers for those who want to avoid siding damage.

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3 great storm-safe upgrades for homes

Hurricane and tornado weather can put home architecture to the test.

Make some specific changes and a home can get considerably more storm-proof. With summer weather on the way, there’s no better time to start. 

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3 advantages to doing exterior work in the summer

Working on exterior renovations during the summer can be in both your and the homeowner's favor.

It’s not just the warm weather that makes summer a great time for renovation. There’s plenty of other reasons to use these months to your gain.

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Why a consistent style can do wonders for a home

Using consistent siding can make a home look whole.

Consistency can be a big help for curb appeal, especially if you choose strong, adaptable materials.

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