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Report shows benefits of LEED certification

Can green energy homes help increase value? One report seems to say so, at least for Texas.

New USGBC statistics seem to show benefits for LEED certification, at least in the Texas market.

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What FSC certification means and why it’s important

Respecting the environment and building a strong business practice can go hand in hand.

The Forest Stewardship Council represents a means to build strong businesses while respecting the environment.

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The importance of smooth seams for siding 

Installing home siding correctly has several advantages.

Dealing with siding seams has practical and presentation benefits.

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Making energy efficiency improvements for this summer

There are different options to measure home efficiency by.

To truly measure green home improvements, think of the cost against the benefit.

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Color and material: How the siding you choose can help color last longer

Durable siding can be important for maintaining colors.

For long lasting color, get the very best siding available.

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