Vintage Rustic Accents
 shiplap wall and vintage wood flooring

Vintage shiplap paneling adds value and character to any home

Shiplap offers a unique and charming aesthetic that is at home in a number of commercial and residential applications. Vintage appeal and old‑world durability are central to our shiplap offerings.

The Affordable Option

Unlike many engineered products that require a resource intensive process to produce, Vintage Shiplap Paneling uses real wood as the primary input. By using a renewable resource that achieves most of it its properties naturally, we are able to pass on the manufacturing cost savings to you.


As a decorative product the uses for Vintage Shiplap Paneling are only limited by your imagination. Accents walls, one-of-a-kind coffee tables, and real wood rustic cabinet door faces are a just a few examples. Check out our inspiration guide below for more ideas.

Real Wood
Real Wood

Today’s world features an endless array of engineered materials to fit every market niche. However, for most us, nothing quite matches the decorative warmth and natural beauty that real wood adds to our home or office.

Easy Install
Easy to Install

If you can use a saw and a hammer you can install Vintage Shiplap Paneling. Seriously. Check out this simple nailing guide for more information.

Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide

Download our Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide

Download our exclusive Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide today! In it, you will see high quality photographic examples of the distinct look shiplap can bring to any space.


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      Are you a dealer interested in offering Vintage shiplap to your customers?

      Vintage shiplap boards are distressed and stained through a proprietary process to produce a distinctive and antiquated look and feel. Use Vintage to add rustic accents to any interior space.

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