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2018 Master Amerhart Contractor Program

2018 Master Amerhart Contractor (MAC) Program

The Master Amerhart Contractor (MAC) Program gives contractors the opportunity to learn about some of the leading brands of building materials. In return for participation in one of our full-day workshops, contractors will earn six (6) Wisconsin or two (2) Michigan Contractor Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

The 2018 MAC Program features the following topics:

  • EXTERIOR SIDING ALTERNATIVES (1 WI CEU): Alternative siding options and techniques to protect a home and add style and value.
  • FLOOR SYSTEMS & TALL WALLS (1 WI/MI CEU): Training and installation tips on Engineered Wood products.
  • EXTERIOR WALL SYSTEMS-MOISTURE MANAGEMENT (1 WI CEU): Learn the importance of protecting a home against exterior moisture issues.
  • DECKING & FOUNDATION SYSTEMS (1 WI CEU): Deck building basics and options available to create a customized outdoor living area.
  • THERMOFORMING PVC (1 WI CEU): Working with PVC & composites and going beyond the usual applications.
  • FASTENING TECHNIQUES (1 WI/MI CEU): Suitable fastening techniques for various applications.

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