Various methods of cutting face veneers allow for a variety of exceptional options to make any project a signature work of art.

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Hardwood Plywood Grading Guide
Wood is a unique material for decorative applications in that by its very nature no two pieces can ever be exactly alike. Its appearance may be consistent for a given species within a broad and generalized range, but even wood from the same tree can vary in aesthetics and physical properties.

Ang Schramm
Director of Technical Services, Columbia Forest Products

Access your free guide to understanding the hardwood plywood standard below.

Once the veneer is cut, it can be laid up in different sorts of “matching.” Appearance can varying widely based on the matching choice.

Veneer Matching

Explore and broaden your understading of various species – including product sources, uses, availability, and price.

Grades By Species

Naturally occurring anomalies are common. Many of these add to the appeal of wood and can even enhance its value.

Natural Characteristics

Columbia specializes in making all-wood veneer core hardwood plywood, but can also apply its faces and backs to a variety of other cores.

Core Types

Have you ever wondered how plywood is manufactured?

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