Location: Kansas City, KS           

Department:  Sales

Job Description

The primary focus of this position is to be a main link between the customer, the outside sales staff, the product managers, truck drivers, warehouse people and Amerhart, Ltd. to ensure the customers' need for building materials products are met while the commitment to the Team Amerhart philosophy and the margins and sales objectives of Amerhart, Ltd. are accomplished.

Relationship building is critical to the success of this position.  Good relationships are built on effective communications as well as win-win problem resolution.


Responsibilities, listed in priority order, include but are not limited to the following:

A.   Performance of Sales, Recordkeeping and Customer Service Responsibilities -- 95%

  • Call all customers on daily call route, noting those not in for later follow up.
  • Record, as appropriate, the following information in the customer call book:
    • Purchased items.
    • Customer-specific information which may enhance relationship building, e.g., hobbies, family and personal activities
    • Customer-specific information such as low inventory items, sample requests, projected truckload orders, etc.
  • Share the information with the appropriate Amerhart teammate(s), e.g., outside sales person, product manager.
  • Inform them of price, quantity price breaks and/or daily specials, if any, and availability.
  • Verify with inventory quantities on release to ship orders to ensure timely delivery.  If back order is required, re-contact customer to offer a substitute.
  • Complete special order form when special size is ordered and remit copy to customer.
  • Enter into computer all release to ship orders.
  • Verify sales orders against picking tickets.
  • Solicit customers for inquiries regarding pool shipments of products. Relay information to the appropriate product manager.
  • Clarify for the customer Amerhart's credit program.  Keep the credit department abreast of circumstances and situations which might adversely affect successful collections.  Customers over credit limit need approval of credit manager.
  • Confirm all C.O.D. plus accounts with credit manager.  Prior to shipment, verify the cutting of the check.
  • Examine back orders daily to determine which orders require expediting.
  • Respond proactively, timely and consistent with Team Amerhart philosophy and company goals to customer problems, concerns and    questions regarding shipment dates, back orders, technical matters, stock levels, release scheduling, etc.
  • Resolve pricing issues first with sales/branch manager and then, if necessary, with product manager.  Provide the manager with the appropriate information in writing.
  • Keep up-to-date files of customer quotations.
  • Write a weekly sales report and submit to sales/branch manager.

B.   Performance of Miscellaneous Duties -- 5%

  • Attend sales meetings as scheduled.
  • Perform related work as required.


  • Knowledge of building materials and its application, the lumber market and the construction industry.
  • Two years experience in customer service or sales.
  • Good verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability in successful consultative and problem-solving sales techniques, methods and approaches.
  • The ability to effectively perform within a work team.
  • Keyboard proficiency.