Grass Spring B Kinvaro L-80 Parallel Lifter, Gray, for 430 to 600 mm Height Cabinet
Door Lifter Systems
MPN: GRAF152145253201 GRAF152145253201 MFG #: F152145253201

  • Brand: Grass
  • Color: Gray
  • Compatible tools & materials: 430 to 600 mm Height Cabinet
  • Item Recyclable: Yes
  • Item Returnable: Yes
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: GRASS AMERICA INC
  • : GRAF152145253201
  • : F152145253201

Kinvaro lifter systems redefine the principle of the classic wall cabinet. Stable and reliable in movement, easy and quiet in application, ergonomically well designed and comfortable to operate. Kinvaro represents innovative design and functional movement.

Easy to open with complete access to the cabinet contents and gentle, silent closing of the lift door.

  • Parallel Lifter for Kinvaro L-80
  • Holds flap securely in any position
  • Adjustable spring force; Integrated adjustable closing damper
  • Flap 3-dimensionally adjustable – height, side, angle: Direct adjustment ±1.5mm
  • Fast, tool-free clip fitting of the front; Face frame adapter available