Grass 4.2 mm Screw-On Back Railing Clip, White
Components & Accessories
MPN: GRA9676939 GRA9676939 MFG #: 96769-39
  • Brand: Grass
  • Color: White
  • Compatible tools & materials: 6610, 6035, 6036, 6026, 6136 and 6236 Zargen System
  • Item Recyclable: Yes
  • Item Returnable: Yes
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: GRASS AMERICA INC
  • Mounting style: Screw-On Mount
  • Used for: 6100 side railing
  • : GRA9676939
  • : 96769-39

The metal drawer system that provides flexibility to please the most demanding design needs.

The versatile metal drawer system offers deep drawers and standard drawers, pullout shelves and inset drawers, full extension drawers and railing systems.

From residential and office furniture to commercial and institutional settings, the versatile and reliable Zargen System delivers the superior performance one expects from a premium slide. Built-in positive stops act as a shock absorber protecting the drawer front from excessive impact during closing. A self-closing action, with a 60mm slope allows the drawer to close with just a gentle push. And the Zargen System offers side and height adjustments so you get perfect alignment every time.

A well-organized storage system creates efficiency. The Zargen slide system is designed with completely interchangeable components. From cabinet members to full extension members to high sides to railing systems, the drawer system provides the flexibility to please the most demanding design needs for any application.

  • Designed for use with Systems 6610, 6035, 6036, 6026, 6136, and 6236
  • Easy to construct
  • Allows end user to customize storage space
  • Screw-on back railing clip for 6100 railing system