Grass Vionaro Cross-Divider, 44-1/4 in, White
Components & Accessories
MPN: GRAF136107417507 GRAF136107417507 MFG #: F136107417507

  • Brand: Grass
  • Color: White
  • Compatible tools & materials: All Vionaro Drawers
  • Includes: Cross-divider
  • Item Recyclable: Yes
  • Item Returnable: Yes
  • Length: 44-1/4 in (1124 mm)
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: GRASS AMERICA INC
  • Sub Brand: Vionaro 
  • Used for: Vionaro drawer systems
  • : GRAF136107417507
  • : F136107417507

The slim line drawer system manufactured of top quality material combines with the Dynapro slide system. Functional technology meets perfect form. The perfectly designed drawer sides are formed from a single piece of high quality steel using cutting-edge laser technology.

Vionaro side heights are available in 89mm, 121mm, 185mm, and 249mm in White, Silver Grey and Graphite. Front panels for inset drawers are offered in 89mm and 185mm heights. For deep drawer organization, the Tavinea Optima is a simple and flexible system of dividers that can be cut to your drawer width and divider profiles that snap right in.

Vionaro is cleverly attached to the Dynapro undermount drawer systems so it offers everything the Dynapro has: high load capacity, synchronized movement, low pull-out force, and 4-dimensional adjustment. Previously the Dynapro was used with wood drawers but now it is a multi-functional drawer system that is ideal for modern cabinetry.

For a handle-free opening the Vionaro also works with Sensomatic, Grass' electro-mechanical opening system and Tipmatic push to open mechanisms. With a light touch anywhere on the drawer front, the drawer automatically opens. With GRASS' Soft-closing system, each drawer is pulled closed with a soft and gentle motion.

  • Cross-divider for all Vionaro drawers
  • Simple installation by mounting on the drawer side
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Can be cut to length