Grass ZRam for Zargen and ZBox Assembly
Components & Accessories
MPN: GRA9325001 GRA9325001

  • Brand: Grass
  • Compatible tools & materials: ZRam Retrofit Kit
  • Item Recyclable: Yes
  • Item Returnable: Yes
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: GRASS AMERICA INC
  • Used for: Zargen and ZBox assembly
  • : GRA9325001

Assemble your ZBox and Zargen drawers in two minutes or less with the Grass PRO1 machine and the Grass ZRam assembly ram. All you need is a pair of ZBox/Zargen slides, the drawer front, drawer back and drawer bottom.

The PRO1 drills the holes for the fronts and backs while the ZRam presses the slides into the parts.

To insert the slide, position the slide against the ZRam arm and place drawer back over the dowel. Repeat for other side.Place drawer front face down on ZRam. Position slide over dowel holes and depress foot pedal. Repeat for other side.

After assembly is complete, place ZBox drawer box on a stable surface and press bottom firmly over tabs.

A fast economical way to build drawers in 2-minutes or less.

  • Designed for manual assembly of dowelled ZBox 6023, 6223, and 6423
  • Operated by a foot pedal - air required
  • No adjustment required when using various drawer heights
  • Economical solution for drawer assembly