Accuride 2037-A 50 lb Light-Duty Slide
Drawer Slides
MPN: P-ACCC2037A12D P-ACCC2037A12D

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  • Clearance: 0.5 in (+0.031/-0)
  • Includes: Rail and #8 pan head screws
  • Mounting style: Rail Mount
  • Weight capacity: 50 lb
  • Brand: Accuride
  • Codes & standards: RoHS Compliant
  • Made in US: No
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Used for: Box drawers in residential and institutional furniture such as desk or credenzas

Partial extension with premium movement to boot. Offering a low profile and polymer ball bearings for quieter operation, the 2037 model is your go-to motion hardware for light duty box drawers in kitchen cabinetry, desks, office furniture, and workspace fixtures.

Simplified installation for maximum up-time in the form of a rail mount/disconnect, the 2037 solution also includes a Cam drawer adjust for precise vertical positioning. This slide promises smoother movement for smaller drawers and trays in your specially crafted woodwork frames.

  • Cam drawer adjust provides up to 3/16 in precise vertical adjustment
  • 3/4 in extension
  • Rail mount disconnect
  • Drawers up to 12 in wide
  • Polymer ball bearings
  • Length