Accuride 3017 100 lb Light-Duty Over Travel Telescopic Slide
Drawer Slides
MPN: P-ACCC301716X P-ACCC301716X

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  • Clearance: 0.5 in (+0.031/-0)
  • Includes: Rail and #8 pan head screws
  • Mounting style: Side or Rail Mount
  • Weight capacity: 100 lb
  • Brand: Accuride
  • Codes & standards: RoHS Compliant, BHMA and AWI Certified
  • Made in US: No
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Used for: Box and file drawer in wood and metal desks, credenzas, hotels, institutional furniture and store fixture, drawers up to 24 in wide

Precision meets effortless performance. BHMA and AWI certified for third-party validation and quality assurance. The 3017 model pairs with a rail mount/disconnect and polymer ball bearings for smoother-than-ever, quiet operation in business, office, or residential cabinetry and fixtures.

Best suited for wider drawers in desks, commercial storage, and credenzas, the 3017 also supplies full-access to stored items with its over-travel feature and prevents drawer roll-out and bounce-back using a handy hold-in detent.

  • Hold-in detent prevents roll-out and bounce-back
  • Rail mount and polymer ball bearings provide exceptionally smooth and quiet operation
  • Rail mount disconnect
  • Polymer ball bearings
  • 1" over-travel, drawers up to 24" wide
  • Length