Accuride 3832EHDTR 100 lb Light-Duty Full Extension and Heavy-Duty Touch-Release Slide, Clear Zinc
Drawer Slides

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  • Clearance: 0.5 in (+0.031/-0)
  • Closing type: Stay Close
  • Mounting style: Side Mount
  • Weight capacity: 100 lb
  • Brand: Accuride
  • Codes & standards: RoHS Compliant, AWI and BHMA Certified
  • Made in US: No
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Used for: Wood pedestals, dresser and desk drawer, case work, residential and kitchen cabinetry, drawers up to 24 in wide

When ease meets reliability. With greater stay-closed strength, the 3832EHDTR model is specially engineered for demanding environments that benefit from or require a touch-release option.

Because this motion hardware remains activated solely by touch, drawers remain closed en route inside RVs, utility vehicles, and even watercraft!. Removing the need for knobs or handles, this movement solution contributes to a seamless-looking frame while also increasing safety and hygiene.

Furthermore, the 3832EHDTR is BHMA and AWI certified, ensuring overall high-performance and dependability for your fixtures.

  • Hold-in feature keeps drawers closed until activated by touch
  • Heavy duty stay-closed strength
  • Mechanism propels drawers open approximately 2 in from the closed position
  • Opening mechanism requires only 1/16 in of travel inward to activate
  • Compatible with inset and overlay drawer front styles
  • Length