Accuride 3834ESC 90 lb Light-Duty Over Travel Slide, Clear Zinc
Drawer Slides

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  • Clearance: 0.5 in (+0.031/-0)
  • Closing type: Self Close
  • Mounting style: Side Mount
  • Weight capacity: 90 lb
  • Brand: Accuride
  • Codes & standards: RoHS Compliant
  • Made in US: No
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Used for: Wood pedestals, dresser and desk drawer, case work, residential and kitchen cabinetry, drawers up to 24 in wide

Over-travel + Self-close = stellar motion hardware. Supplying full-access to stored items and contents, the 3834ESC model also contains our handy self-closing feature, which closes drawers with just a light push and keeps them safely closed.

From residential casework to retail displays and institutional fixtures or equipment, the 3834ESC remains one of our savviest solutions, prioritizing ease and efficiency in any work- or home-space of your dream design.

  • Self-closing action closes drawers and keeps them shut
  • A moderate pull force is required to open drawers
  • New face frame hole; Easy access to mounting holes
  • Patented cam drawer adjust provides up to 3/16 in precise vertical adjustment
  • 1" over travel, 0.50" side space, lever disconnect, drawers up to 24" wide
  • Length