#105 Continuous Soffit Vents - 36 per Carton

  • Brand: Lomanco
  • Codes & standards: Aluminum alloys conform to ASTM B209
  • Gauge: 0.019
  • Includes: (36) per carton
  • Installation method: Pneumatic nail gun or hammer installed
  • Made in US: True
  • Manufacturer: LOMANCO
  • Material: Aluminum
  • NFA (square inches): 76
  • Used for: New or existing construction

The Lomanco #105 is a continuous strip, under soffit attic intake vent.

Ideal for homes with narrow overhangs, continuous soffit vents should be installed along the entire length of the soffit if possible.

The mounting flange is recessed 3/8” for soffit board.

This is an intake vent and must be used in conjunction with adequate exhaust vents for proper operation.

The Lomanco #105 is sold by the full carton only. Each carton contains (36) pieces, 8 ft long x 2-3/4 in wide.

  • External venturi baffle
  • Weatherproof underlapping joint
  • External water shield
  • Molded centerline for fast and easy alignment
  • 0.019” Aluminum coiled sheet
  • Color