Rollex Seneca 3/4" Steel J Channel
Trim Accessories

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  • Brand: Rollex
  • Made in US: Yes
  • Manufacturer: ROLLEX CORPORATION
  • Material: Steel
  • Sub Brand: Seneca
  • Weight: 1.6 lb

J channel is the most versatile piece of siding trim. Besides being used to form inside corners it is also used to trim out windows and doors.

Often times it is also used where siding meets the soffit or roof line.

This 3/4" J channel coordinates with Rollex Seneca Steel Siding. Seneca's revolutionary Kynar® finish provides the ultimate in dirt, stain and scratch resistance while its UV protection will ensure your siding will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come-guaranteed.

  • 3/4" J-channel
  • Gives siding a clean finished look
  • Perfectly color matched to siding for a cohesive look
  • Color