1 x 12 Standard & Better Kiln Dried White Pine Surfaced One Side Two Edges
  • Brand: Robbins Lumber
  • Grade: Std & Btr
  • Made in US: True
  • Manufacturer: ROBBINS LUMBER, INC.
  • Material: Eastern White Pine
  • Moisture content: Kiln dried
  • Texture: S1S2E (smooth one side and two edges)

Robbins Lumber produces high quality Eastern White Pine from the Northeast.

This soft, stable wood resists warping, is one of the least resinous of all pines, and has a beautiful red-knotted appearance. Easy to handle due to being light weight, Eastern White Pine is also excellent for stain, paint and lacquer finishes.

These standard grade boards are highly serviceable and used in a wide variety of applications that take advantage of the full range of Eastern White Pine characteristics. This grade allows for knots of any quality, in sizes ranging from 2 3⁄8" red knots and 1 3⁄4" black knots in a 4" board, to 6" red knots and 4" black knots in a 12" board. Wane is limited to the back face.

Robbins also kiln dries this lumber to minimize downgrade and stress.

  • 1 x 12 White pine boards
  • Standard & Better
  • Kiln dried
  • Surfaced 1 side 2 edges
  • Length