1 x 4 Electric Blue Select Tight-Knot, Kiln-Dried Cedar - S1S2E
MPN: P-104RC P-104RC
  • Brand: Columbia
  • Made in US: Yes
  • Manufacturer: COLUMBIA CEDAR INC
  • Material: Western Red Cedar
  • Used for: Deck rails and trim, boards and battens, window trim, fascia boards

Electric Blue Western Red Cedar boards from are ideal for deck rails and trim, battens, window trim and fascia boards.

Made from STK (select tight knot) grade Western Red Cedar, these boards are surfaced one side and two edges, with a 100% surfaced back.

They have no wane and can be used as a reversible product.

  • STK (Select Tight Knot) grade
  • Machine waxed and branded on both ends
  • S1S2E with 100% surfaced back and two edges
  • No wane - can be used as a reversible product
  • Follows WCLIB #17 grade rule book, paragraph 111E allowing 10 to 15% 111F
  • Length