Choice Brands Citrus Cleaner
Sealant, Coatings & Lubricants

  • Brand: Choice Brands
  • Codes & standards: LEED Compliant; EQ 4.4 – No urea Formaldehyde Added
  • Item Recyclable: Yes
  • Item Returnable: Yes
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: CHOICE BRANDS
  • Size: 13 oz
  • Sub Brand: Choice Brands Adhesives

Citrus Cleaner is a multi-purpose aerosol cleaner with a citrus scent. This natural solvent cleaner and adhesive remover can be used safely on most surfaces, including glass, painted surfaces, porcelain and most plastic.

Fast-drying and non-corrosive, it leaves minimal residue. Use it to safely remove adhesives, grease, decal residue, soap film and more.

  • Aerosol cleaner and degreaser with citrus scent
  • Mist spray pattern
  • Extremely flammable
  • LEED compliant
  • EQ 4.4 - No urea Formaldehyde Added