Kampel SF-99 SeamFil Solvent
Sealant, Coatings & Lubricants

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  • Brand: Kampel
  • Compatible tools & materials: SeamFil products & all laminate countertops
  • Made in US: Yes

SF-99 Solvent is a special blend of several solvents that has been specifically designed to work with Kampel SeamFil products along with all laminate countertops.

SF-99 is recommended for use for preparation, application and clean-up when working with SeamFil and laminate surfaces. SeamFil hardens within minutes when exposed to air. The SF-99 Solvent will break down and remove all hardened SeamFil, making clean-up a breeze regardless of how long the product has been cured.

Do not use SF-99 solvent on any other surfaces. It will damage surface finishes such as enameled surfaces, acrylic enameled surfaces, stained wood, etc.

  • Solvent specially designed for use with SeamFil laminate repair
  • Compatible with all laminate countertops
  • Use for SeamFil preparation, application and clean-up
  • NOT for use on surfaces other than laminate countertops: SF-99 will cause damage to enameled surfaces, acrylic enameled surfaces, stained wood, etc.
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