Amerhart Vintage Rough Sawn Spruce Shiplap - 1 x 6
Decorative Paneling
  • Brand: Amerhart Vintage
  • Grade: #3 and #4
  • Installation method: Requires only a saw and hammer
  • Made in US: True
  • Manufacturer: ELITE CUSTOM CABINET
  • Material: Spruce
  • Used for: Accent walls, ceilings, furniture and cabinet door faces, or any interior area where vintage charm is desired

By definition, shiplap wood goes far beyond just old, horizontally-arranged planks of wood (think sheathing on old homes). It refers to a joining process that is used to both give the illusion of sealed planking, and protect the underlying surface from water permeation.

Similar to tongue and groove, shiplap has a special rabbet cut into the edge of the board to achieve the perfect fit every time. Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a saw and a hammer to get the job done.

Shiplap offers a unique and charming aesthetic that is at home in a number of commercial and residential applications. Vintage appeal and old‑world durability are central to our shiplap offerings.

Vintage shiplap boards are distressed and stained through a proprietary process to produce a distinctive and antiquated look and feel. Use Vintage to add rustic accents to any interior space.

  • Shiplap paneling with vintage appeal
  • Decorative warmth and natural beauty of real wood
  • Easy to install
  • Color