#2 Ponderosa Pine Drop Siding Pattern #106 - Specified Length

  • Brand: Nieman Enterprises
  • Made in US: True
  • Material: Ponderosa Pine
  • Texture: S4S
  • Used for: Shelving, paneling or other residential and light construction uses where a knotty appearance is desired

New finishing techniques make Ponderosa Pine drop siding paneling from Neiman Enterprises appropriate for contemporary or traditional settings.

This grade 2 paneling is designed primarily for housing and light construction where it is exposed, such as in paneling, shelving and anywhere a knotty lumber with fine appearance is desired.

Note that paneling boards are inspected and graded on the patterned or face side. The back or reverse side may have characteristics which would make it a lower grade, but desirable for a specific design effect.

No VOC’s or HAP’s used in the manufacture of this siding means no chemicals, fumes or mess on the job site.

  • Ponderosa Pine drop siding
  • Pattern #106
  • Kiln dried
  • 1/2" tongue and groove
  • Length