18RROB3WPF Rotary Cut WPF Red Oak B3 Veneer Core One Eighth in Thick
Domestic Hardwood Plywood
  • Actual length: 8.042 ft
  • Actual width: 48.5 in
  • Brand: Columbia Forest Products
  • Core: Veneer
  • Dimensions: 1/8 x 48-1/2 x 96-1/2 in
  • Grade: B-3
  • Item Recyclable: True
  • Item Returnable: True
  • Material: Red Oak
  • Nominal length: 8 ft
  • Nominal thickness: 0.125 in
  • Nominal width: 48 in
  • Panel size: 48.5 in x 96.5 in
  • Thickness: 1/8 in
  • : 18RROB3WPF

Red oak plywood is characterized by a sharp contrast between coarse early wood and smooth late wood. The heartwood color is light tan to pinkish to reddish brown to dark tan or khaki.

The Veneer Core is made with alternating veneer inner plies. In North America, the innerply species are usually softwood (fir or pine) on the west coast and poplar or aspen on the east coast.

Veneer core panels are relatively light in comparison with composite panels, typically weighing about 70 lbs. per 3/4" panel. Veneer core offers great strength and stability with better spanning properties than either particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Veneer core does have a wider variance in thickness in comparison with highly engineered PBC or MDF.

  • 48.5 x 96.5 iin Red Oak plywood panel
  • Rotary cut: Peeling the entire log produces a continuous ribbon of veneer
  • Whole piece face: No "barber pole" effect or splice line issues
  • Can be pair-matched or set-matched for visual integrity