LD4CT Series Customizable Wood Drawer Organizer
Drawer Organizers

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  • Brand: Rev-A-Shelf
  • Includes: Narrow Kit: 18 clips, Wide Kit: 26 clips
  • Installation method: Clips insert into predrilled holes
  • Made in US: Yes
  • Manufacturer: REV-A-SHELF INC
  • Material: Solid Birch

Customize your drawer storage needs with these easy to assemble solid birch drawer inserts. Available in two sizes, the narrow for a base 12 features 18 clips and the wide for base 18 features 26 clips; each clip can be inserted in any of the multiple drilled holes and a divider added to create the drawer storage solution that can be changed over and over to accommodate your ever changing culinary needs.

  • Includes plastic clips to arrange dividers as desired
  • Allows end user to customize drawers again and again
  • Clips insert into predrilled holes
  • Made of prefinished Solid Birch
  • Trimmable to fit
  • Size