Accuride 2109 75 lb Light-Duty Keyboard Slide
Keyboard Trays & Mechanisms
MPN: P-ACCC210920D P-ACCC210920D

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No need to suspend your disbelief for this motion hardware. Equipped with a lever disconnect and variable height mounting brackets, the 2109 model is perfect for light duty cabinetry, keyboard trays, and pencil drawers.

Backed by BHMA and AWI certification, this savvy solution provides a cushion of suspension to your hardware, matched with the practicality of a hold-in and hold-out detent for effective, long-term use in workspaces abound.

  • Hold-in and hold-out detent
  • Variable height mounting brackets
  • Flexibility of inboard or outboard bracket mounting
  • 3/4 in extension
  • Lever disconnect
  • Length