Accuride 3832ESC 100 lb Light-Duty Full Extension Slide
Drawer Slides

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Self-sufficient hardware for extra convenience and efficiency. From kitchens, bathrooms, and hobby rooms to industrial workspaces, pedestals, and carts, the 3832ESC is a movement solution that provides full extension along with a handy self-closing feature that exemplifies ease and safety.

This specialty, self-close slide requires a stronger pull-force to open drawers but completes the entire length of travel on its own when closing hardware.

Including precise vertical adjustment and easy-to-access mounting holes, the 3832ESC simplifies your space from start to finish.

  • Patented self-closing action closes drawers and keeps them closed
  • A strong pull-force is required to open drawers
  • New face frame hole
  • Easy access to mounting holes
  • Cam drawer adjust provides up to 3/16 in precise vertical adjustment
  • Length