Accuride 4033 100 lb Light-Duty Full Extension and Ultra Quiet Slide, Clear Zinc
Drawer Slides
MPN: P-ACCC403316X P-ACCC403316X

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For silent drawers that run deep. Equipped with polymer bearings and premium progressive movement, the 4033 model provides ultra-quiet, ultra-smooth movement for drawers crafted in furniture and built-in casework.

Perfect for storage in offices, retail spaces, homes, and workspaces, the 4033 is commercial-grade motion hardware that offers silenced operation, precise vertical adjustment, and durability for everyday use in the form of a hold-in detent that eliminates drawer roll-out and bounce-back.

  • Cam drawer adjust provides up to 3/16 in precise vertical adjustment
  • Premium progressive movement
  • Hold-in detent prevents roll-out and bounce-back; Silenced in and out
  • 32 mm and traditional hole pattern
  • Full extension, 0.50" side space, rail mount disconnect, drawer widths up to 18"
  • Length