Accuride Easy-Close Kit, For 115RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System
Components & Accessories

Ease + Security + Effortless Linear Motion. Available as an optional accessory, the 115RC Easy-Close Kit adds a patented soft-close feature to your hardware, slowing its movement towards the end of travel.

Providing 3 lbs. of pull force and extra resistance, the Easy-Close feature acts similar to a hold-in detent--preventing drawer slamming, racking, and side-to-side movement.

  • Easy-Close kit consists of two components, the mechanism housing and the engagement pin. Note: fasteners are not included
  • A 3-lb pull force provides resistance akin to a hold-in detent, holding components in place at the end of the travel distance.
  • Maximum load capacity is 44 lbs. This is based on a side-mounted track with one ball carriage suspending weight.