Accuride Heavy-Duty Linear Track System
Standards, Brackets & Accessories

Extra smooth movement and proven endurance.

Specially engineered for the 116RC Sliding Door Hardware Kit, this door bracket kit helps protect your linear track system’s carriages when a damper (CB0116-DAMP) is installed to cushion a fixture’s end of travel.

  • A state-of-the-art sliding solution. With ADA-compliant linear motion and design, the 116RC model is an innovative breakthrough for the sliding door market, also accommodating large screens, panels, movable walls, barn doors, and so much more
  • Track may be side, flat, or vertically mounted
  • Flat-mounted track may be oriented with ball carriage facing up or down
  • Load capacity is based on quantity of employed cassettes/carriages and type of mounting
  • Corrosion-resistant