Amana Tool Fine Cut-Off and Crosscut Saw Blade, 12 in x 96T TCG
Saw Blades
MPN: AMN61296130 AMN61296130 MFG #: 612961-30

This blade is ideal for cutting materials with fragile surface layers, like veneers and laminates.

High tooth counts yield smooth finishes.

The 10 deg hook angle provides effortless feeding.

The triple-chip tooth opens a narrow kerf, and the raker widens it.

  • (D) Diameter 12 (300mm)
  • Teeth 96
  • (d) Bore 30mm
  • Tooth Grind TCG; Hook Angle 10°; Kerf (B) .126 (3.2mm)
  • Pinholes 2/7/42, 2/9/46 & 2/10/60; Plate (C) .087 (2.2mm)