AdvanTech OSB Tongue & Groove Subfloor

Engineered with long-lasting strength, moisture resistance and nail-holding power, AdvanTech® subflooring is the brand builders trust for a quality subfloor.

AdvanTech subflooring panels will stand up to your most demanding jobsites and are backed by a 500-day no-sanding guarantee. Say goodbye to swelling, cupping and delamination.

The high wood density of AdvanTech, paired with advanced engineering, provides the strength and stiffness needed to deliver a quiet, stiff floor. Additionally, advanced resins inside AdvanTech subflooring securely hold floor fasteners in place, helping to reduce nail pops and floor squeaks.

Consistent manufacturing, plus pre-printed fastening guides and a precisely engineered tongue and groove profile, helps ensure every panel of AdvanTech subflooring installs quickly and easily.

  • Long-lasting strength
  • Defends against moisture: moisture resistant resins seal every strand of wood to resist swelling, cupping or flaking
  • Fastener holding power helps reduce nail pops and floor squeaks
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Tested and marked as Structural 1 to satisfy the most demanding of specifications