Formica Black 909 Infiniti® Laminate
Antimicrobial & Self Healing Laminate
MPN: P-00909A7 P-00909A7

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As beautiful as it is durable, Formica Infiniti® Laminate features a soft-to-the-touch super matte finish, resists fingerprints, has thermal healing capabilities and built-in antimicrobial surface protection. This technology stops the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause stains and odors.

Formica Black 909 Grade A7, Infiniti Grade (HGP), is for interior use only and is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.

Formica® Laminates are as beautiful as they are durable - meaning your interiors will look the same in years to come - as when they were first installed.

  • Durable high pressure laminate stands up to daily wear
  • Resists fingerprints, odors, bacteria & mold
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Super matte finish
  • Thermal healing capabilities
  • Length