Maxcess Universal 75X3 Flanged Front Locking Device
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MPN: P-GRA8005312 P-GRA8005312

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Use this front locking device with the Grass Maxcess Slide System and standard width drawers. This universal device works with Maxcess 16 and 19, securely connecting the drawer to the slide.

These self-latching front locking devices have easy release levers for drawer removal and installation. Pull the drawer out, squeeze the locking device levers and lift drawer from the slide.

They also feature 2D height and side adjustment, with height adjustment +2.5 mm (3/32") and side adjustment ±1.5 mm (1/16").

The Maxcess is a full access, soft-close slide. An economical undermount that offers a high degree of convenience and satisfaction with minimal extension loss.

  • Lightweight, high strength material
  • For standard width drawers: minimum inside drawer width 150mm (5 7/8")
  • Easy release levers for drawer removal and installation
  • Height adjustment range: +2.5 mm (3/32")
  • Side adjustment range: ±1.5 mm (1/16")
  • Size