Grass Nexis 73 Dowelled Hold Close 270 deg 48 mm Boring Single-Joint Institutional Hinge, Full Overlay, Cranking 00, 16 mm
Institutional & Specialty Hinges
MPN: GRA412770090015 GRA412770090015 MFG #: 412.770.09.0015

The Nexis hinge series offers a wide variety of hinges for standard door applications, specialty door applications, and frame and frameless applications. Opening angle ranging from 95° to 170°, Nexis is offered in a screw-on and dowelled version in a 42mm, 45mm, 48mm boring pattern and the Nexis Impresso, tool-free installation, is offered in a 42/45mm and 45/48mm boring pattern.

Nexis Snap-on hinges attach to Nexis base plates with an audible click. Installation is user-friendly and reliable. Just pressing down the hinge with a finger is enough to attach it to the base plate. The hinge can be detached from the Snap-on base plate by simply releasing it with the lever at the front of the hinge arm.

The Nexis hinges series offers added value through a number of design solutions that will meet any application requirements whether it be frame or frameless.

  • 3 dimensional adjustment with suitable base plate
  • For door thickness 15 to 21 mm
  • For door overlay up to 16 mm (5/8")
  • Automatic hold-closed function