TEC 863 Face Dowelled Self Close 108 deg 42 mm Boring Hinge Cup, 1-7/16 in
MPN: GRA0228215 GRA0228215

The TEC hinge system offers a proven technology that makes TEC the first brand choice among face frame hinge systems. Quiet and effortless closing action is guaranteed every time with TEC Soft-close hinges.

Sleek in design with the Soft-close mechanism pre-mounted in the hinge cup. TEC Self-close hinges include 3 dimensional adjustment and a variety of overlays to meet your hinge needs. Made in the USA, TEC hinges are built to last.

  • Available in Soft-close and self-close
  • Soft-close damper is pre-mounted in the hinge cup
  • Adjustment switch on Soft-close to regulate closing action
  • One-piece hinge and base plate combination
  • 2 dimensional adjustment