LP OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Sheathing

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A cost-effective, high performance structural panel, LP® OSB is designed for optimal performance and stability. It contains only low-emitting safe resins and is offered in a comprehensive range of performance categories.

Rectangular wood strands blended with thermal-set, waterproof adhesives are arranged in cross-directional layers. The layers are consolidated under extreme pressure, creating a stiff, strong and durable panel.

LP OSB sheathing panels are of a consistent composition and manufactured to be free of knots, grain defects, core voids, splits and other irregularities.

Place the skid-resistant side up with the APA trademark stamp facing down and wear skid-resistant shoes when installing as roof sheathing. Install with the long dimension or strength axis of the panel across supports and with the panel continuous over two or more spans.

LP OSB sheathing wall panels may be installed vertically or horizontally. In horizontal installations, stagger joints a minimum of one stud space. Provide 1/8 inch minimum space between panel ends and edges.

  • Installs consistently flat and stable
  • Uniform, workable and strong
  • No cupping, warping or splitting
  • Wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • 20-Year transferable limited warranty
  • Thickness