QuickScrews Zinc Plated #2 Phillips Flat Head with Nibs Head T17 Single Flute Point Cabinet Assembly Screw, #8-11
Installation Screws
MPN: P-QUI9006 P-QUI9006

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QuickScrews full line of Assembly Screws is the perfect solution for assembling cabinets or furniture made from soft woods, hardwoods, or melamine. The original Quickscrews design has Coarse Thread for extra holding power and is heat-treated for added strength.

The Type 17 Point allows for quicker starting, while Nibs under the Head help the screw to countersink and sit flush.

The Quickscrews Double Type 17 Point Screws are best for working with hardwoods while the Funnel Head Screws are best for melamine.

The line of Quickscrews Assembly Screws are available in a wide range of sizes, drives, and finishes.

  • Better Quickscrew type 17 point reduces splitting
  • Used with most hardwoods
  • #8 Zinc
  • Phillips Drive
  • Flat Head, Coarse Thread
  • Length
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