4WDKB Series Wood Double Knife Block Insert
Drawer Organizers
MPN: P-REVA6B14C346 P-REVA6B14C346

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Keep your knives organized and within reach with this trimmable knife block insert.

Designed for use alone in drawers from 12-1/2 up to 18-1/2 in. wide or use in larger drawers in combination with our other cutlery and utensil inserts, it comes out of the box ready to use.

It features two rows of slots and a unique hilt rest that keeps knives straight and provides ample finger space for easy removal. In total, it features an amazing 55 slots to store multiple size knives and has a separate compartment for cleavers and other utensils.

  • Trimmable to fit drawers from 12-1/2" to 18-1/2" wide
  • Can be used in combination with other cutlery or utensil inserts
  • Features (2) rows of slots and unique hilt rest to keep knives straight
  • (55) Slots to store multiple size knives and a compartment for cleavers & utensils
  • Available in Maple and Walnut - Note that promotion code applies to Maple Only