5LB Series LEGRABOX Bottom Mount TIP-ON Kit for Full Access
Pull-Out Waste Containers
MPN: P-REVA11B1C163 P-REVA11B1C163

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The perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture is now available in a kit for all standard depth LEGRABOX units.

With no hardware needed, simply add the 100% mechanical motion assist of TIP-ON BLUMOTION to your concealed runner systems to allow easy fingertip opening. Closure with force activates the TIP-ON function, after which point BLUMOTION ensures a silent and effortless closing.

The unique design ensures that if the pullout is ever pulled open or pushed closed manually, TIP-ON BLUMOTION will still remain fully functional at all times.

  • Kits designed for Base 15 or 18 size products
  • Tip-on allows 100% mechanical motion assist - spring opening and push to close
  • Design ensures that TIP-ON BLUMOTION will remain fully functional even if the unit is ever pulled open or pushed closed manually
  • Spring activated, closure activates the TIP-ON function
  • 5LB waste containers (sold seperately)
  • Size