Tresco 12V DC Remote Control LED Universal Dimmer
LED Controllers and Dimmers

This 12VDC 60W capacity remote control LED dimmer dims LED lighting from 100%-1% and will also turn power on/off to fixtures.

Multiple dimmers can be used in the same room with universal or independent controlling. Each transformer requires a separate dimmer box.

Use this Universal Model when multiple dimmers are desired to work in conjunction. The Dedicated model should be used when multiple dimmers are desired to work independently.

This dimmer comes with (2) remote controls and features a build in setting that recalls the last setting when turned on again.

  • DIY with male/female AMP connectors
  • (2) Key fabs included with each dimmer
  • Features Radio Frequency remote control dimming
  • Adjusts from anywhere in the room up to 30’
  • Provides on/off power & dimming from 0-100% and controls up to 8 amps/96 watts of lights