Tresco 12VDC Commercial Wall Dimmable Hardwire Power Supply w/ 6-Snap Mounting Block
LED Lighting Power Supplies

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The workhorses for all Tresco 12VDC LED lighting products. Power supplies are Class 2, safety listed/recognized with short circuit and overload protection. Various options from plug-in to hardwire.

These electronic units are lower profile, lighter weight, generate less heat and are more cost efficient than their bulky magnetic predecessors.

Dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers, they have no minimum load requirements and are Class 2 rated with short circuit and automatic reset protection.

All power supplies employ constant voltage technology to maintain the longevity of the LED fixture.

  • Dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers
  • Quiet operation, no humming
  • No minimum load requirements
  • Works with all Tresco 12VDC dimmable LED fixtures
  • Includes 6-snap mounting block
  • Watts