Tresco Eurolinx 4 Watt LED Light
LED Strip & Tape Lights

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The Eurolinx flat profile blends in with any application.

Using specialized diffuser and reflector technology to achieve Luniform output, this European styled light is a perfect choice for all contemporary and high-end commercial applications. Use the magnets within the U-Clips for metal shelving or office furniture mounting.

At 4W per foot and over 200 lumens, Eurolinx is a top pick for high illumination.

Luniform Technology provides superior light output and uniform light spread. The individual LED "dots" are not visible. Unwanted glare within light emitting diode fixtures is also reduced.

  • Luniform Technology: Emits even and uniform light without visible LED "dots"
  • Dimmable
  • 30,000 Hours lamp life
  • 120 degree beam spread (two beam spreads based on orientation)
  • Maximum continuous run 10 feet (3 m) to prevent voltage drop
  • Size
    Light color/temperature