Pockit® Point LED Light - 1 Watt - 69 Lumens
LED Puck Lights

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The 1W Pockit Point is a miniature spotlight producing a focused beam of light. With a recess depth of only 11mm (7/16") and diameter of 25mm (1") it can be installed in the smallest of spaces. Ideal for small light boxes, museum cases, jewelry cases or anywhere an inconspicuous LED fixture is required.

This is the smallest spot LED light on the market.

  • 1-inch diameter fixture creates a more focused beam of light
  • 90° beam spread, ideal for highlighting items in narrow spaces
  • Mounting: 1/2" deep x 1" hole for collar spring recess mount
  • Wire can be routed to the back of the light or to the side through a notch
  • On/off application only (non-dimming)
  • Color