what is shiplap

What is shiplap? Add value and character to any home.

By definition, shiplap wood goes far beyond just old, horizontally-arranged planks of wood (think sheathing on old homes). It refers to a joining process that is used to both give the illusion of sealed planking, and protect the underlying surface from water permeation.

shiplap wall

Shiplap Wall

shiplap boards

Shiplap Boards

Shiplap Uses

Shiplap offers a unique and charming aesthetic that is at home in a number of commercial and residential applications. Vintage appeal and old‑world durability are central to our shiplap offerings.

shiplap celing

Shiplap Celing

Shiplap Fireplace

Affordable – Where to buy shiplap?

Unlike many engineered products that require a resource intensive process to produce, Shiplap boards uses real wood as the primary input. By using a renewable resource that achieves most of it its properties naturally, we are able to pass on the manufacturing cost savings to you.

Shiplap is for sale at a lot of Amerhart retailers – check out our dealer locator.


As a decorative product the uses for shiplap boards are only limited by your imagination. Accents shiplap walls, one-of-a-kind coffee shiplap tables, and real wood rustic shiplap cabinet door faces are a just a few examples. Check out our inspiration guide below for more ideas.

Real Wood
Real Wood

Today’s world features an endless array of engineered materials to fit every market niche. However, for most us, nothing quite matches the decorative warmth and natural beauty that real wood adds to our home or office.

Easy Install
Easy to Install

If you can use a saw and a hammer you can install Vintage Shiplap Paneling. Seriously. Check out this simple nailing guide for more information.

Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide

Download our Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide

Download our exclusive Vintage Shiplap Inspiration Guide today! In it, you will see high quality photographic examples of the distinct look shiplap can bring to any space.

Why Choose Manmade Vintage Shiplap

Choosing vintage, antique and just plain old interior design elements has been in for awhile. Many designers and builders reject the notion that new is better. Old architecture and design gives them the opportunity to employ the intrigue and fascination of an age past – an age where things were built to last!

Beyond the reliability of hand crafted design elements, the attractiveness and range of aesthetics gives designers and builders a variety of unique looks that have been tested to endure throughout history. Combining these looks can be an incredible amount of fun and a true artistic expression for designers, builders and homeowners.

How do you find the best shiplap option?

If you’ve been impressed by what you’ve seen others do with shiplap, we don’t blame you. It’s an incredible finishing touch for a variety of interior design or building schemes. Whether you’re installing a shiplap over drywall, adding shiplap walls in bathrooms, looking for how to make your own shiplap boards or are even just thinking of installing shiplap wallpaper.  Once you make the decision to use shiplap over other interior design options, the next question is where do to buy shiplap panels from?

For that you have a few options:

Actual vintage shiplap wood

The first option is to work with actual old wood paneling. The majority of this paneling available is recycled barn wood. This is a tempting option, as you are working with a storied design element that has been used in the past, relied on for its stability and then reused.

This wood is popular for a number of applications. You will often see barn wood headboards, flooring and furniture advertised that promises the utility of a new piece of furniture/building with the charm and environmental friendliness of recycling.

While working with antique shiplap wood gives your home the benefit of having old paneling, it can lead to problems post installation. For instance, Travis who builds elite cabinetry and works closely with Amerhart, describes how he found larva in a piece of old barnwood a customer brought in.

Often times, these old boards carry structural weaknesses, larvae or other liabilities which negatively affect their utility as a modern design element.

Manmade vintage shiplap wood

The alternative to old wood shiplap planks is new, vintage paneling. Vintage shiplap wood paneling provides all of the aesthetic benefits of antique wood without the danger of running into problematic aspects that accompany untreated wood, not built to modern standards and specifications.

These vintage shiplap panels allow you all of the expression of the old without any of the negatives, and can be soundly guaranteed to last. If you’re in the market for shiplap wood, explore what options are available in manmade panels. You will be surprised by how accurately they replicate the look and feel of antique wood.

Worried about environmental friendliness? Many modern antique-look shiplap panels are built from recycled wood, treated and composed to withstand the challenges any room can throw at them.


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      vintage rustic accents

      Available in 7 On-Trend Colors

      Available in 7 On-Trend Colors

      Vintage shiplap boards are distressed and stained through a proprietary process to produce a distinctive and antiquated look and feel. Use Vintage to add rustic accents to any interior space.
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