The EWP Distribution Center Facts

Unrivaled Scale

The EWP Distribution Center operates as part of the Specialty Building Products (SBP) family of brands. Our designated fleet of trucks extends service across nearly 300,000 square miles of the Midwest, covering Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Spanning 15 acres and stocking over 40 SKUs of engineered wood products inventory, our distribution center, with nearly 2 million lineal feet of i-joist and LVL, stands as the largest in the United States. This brand partnership amplifies our core value to deliver unparalleled inventory depth and a robust selling system committed to meeting the demands of the building industry.

Unmatched Service

Our specialized EWP distribution center is designed to be your comprehensive solution for all EWP needs. With expansive service coverage and a team of dedicated experts devoted to delivering excellence, we are fully prepared to meet your EWP requirements with unmatched efficiency and proficiency.

Warehouse Density:
Operating from four strategically positioned warehouses, we offer extensive coverage to fulfill your every EWP product requirement. Our regional footprint guarantees prompt delivery and accessibility, regardless of your project's location.
Inventory Commitment:
We uphold our commitment to maintaining an extensive inventory of EWP products that surpass industry standards, guaranteeing timely access to top-tier materials precisely when required.
Engineered Wood Products Distribution Center

The EWP DC Service Map

Engineered Wood Products Distribution Territory Map
  • Largest EWP Inventory in Region
  • Servicing MN, WI and IA
  • Timely Delivery
  • Expert EWP Designers
  • Additional Amerhart branches with EWP serviced locally

Contact The EWP DC

(If you are located in Traverse City, Jackson, Pekin/St. Louis or Kansas City, contact your local branch for ordering and delivery information.)

Engineered Wood Products

Engineered Wood Products (EWP)

Explore superior Engineered Wood solutions: I-Joists, LSL, LVL, Stair Stringers, and Rim Board for robust framing, industrial applications, flooring, roofing, and beyond. Experience unparalleled strength, consistency, and moisture resistance from these EWP products.

  • I-Joist
  • LVL
  • Treated LVL
  • Rimboard
  • Wall Framing and Studs
  • Stair Stringers

PWT I-Joist

PWT I-Joists are highly versatile and provide more dimensional stability than traditional lumber or open web floor trusses. Achieve sturdy and stable floors with wider flanges. Perfect for your next project.


PWT LVL is superior to traditional lumber due to its water-resistant coating, dimensional consistency, and load-carrying capacity. Optimize your construction for lasting protection with PWT LVL.

PWT Treated

PWT Treated LVL is the ONLY LVL treated during the manufacturing process. The TRU-CORE® technology provides uniform dispersion of the treatment through the thickness and length of the material.

Tolko Rimboard Plus

Tolko OSB Rim Board Plus has greater dimensional stability, increased structural reliability, consistent quality, and a lower tendency to check or split than sawn lumber.

Tolko TTEC Wall Framing

T-TEC LSL Wall Framing and Studs resist twisting, warping, and shrinkage. The ideal choice for framing areas that require perfectly straight walls such as kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, and tall walls.

Tolko TTEC Stair Stringer

T-TEC LSL Stair Stringers are made with laminated strand lumber (LSL) and therefore provide true consistency and uniformity. Stair stringers responsible for the structural strength and stability of the staircase.

The EWP Job Builder

Order faster with the EWP Job Builder!

Find all the engineered wood products you need to finish the job.

EWP Fasteners

Hangers and fasteners are used to connect structural components together in a manner that is secure and meets code. We offer Simpson Strong Tie and FastenMaster brand connectors and that can be used with engineered lumber framing to ensure strength and safety.

Heavy duty hardware is used to connect large pieces of EWP in buildings framing. One of the largest manufacturers of these construction connectors is Simpson Strong Tie. They manufacture a variety of structural connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, anchors, lateral systems, software, and concrete repair, protection and strengthening systems. When creating a buildings frame, Simpson Strong Tie will have the connection solution needed for your job.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Along with construction connectors, structural wood screws are needed when constructing a buildings frame. These screws are heavy duty and designed to make long lasting connections. FastenMaster is a brand offering a full LOK line of different structural wood screws. They make it easy to find the right screw for your construction project.

Fasten Master

Additional Products

Laminated Columns

Engineered wood laminated columns are typically made from #1 SYP (Southern Yellow Pine) and used in post-frame construction. A Lumber-Tech column is engineered and manufactured with state of the art technology. They use a truss ready Mega Spacer to supply the most user friendly and time saving column on the market. Contact your local Amerhart representative for ordering details.