Construction & Design Trends

Advising clients on building an addition

Contractors must work closely with a homeowner to make sure all involved understand the budget for an addition and what's feasible within that framework.

4 tips for a green remodel

Many contractors are now meeting with homeowners about spring and summer renovation jobs, and one trend that is likely coming up a lot in those discussions is a focus on "going green."

What design trends will homeowners want in 2019?

Home renovation becomes quite popular among owners when the economy booms and property values rise for a few years in a row.

Smart home features to install in a renovation

One of the big continuing design trends expected for contractors in 2019 is that homeowners will increasingly prefer their renovations to include simple and effective ways to make better use of smart home technology.

2019 renovation trends for every room of the house

With the end of the year almost here, it's probably not feasible for contractors to take on any more jobs before 2018 comes to a close.

More Americans seeing great value in home renovations

In recent years, more Americans have decided to stay in their homes for longer periods of time than they might have in the past....

Adding space with a renovation

One of the biggest reasons homeowners may want to renovate their properties at this time of year is to add a little more space before the holiday season arrives in earnest....

What to think about with a green kitchen renovation

One of the biggest design and renovation trends in the past several years has been the fact that people simply seem to want more sustainability in their homes, in a number of ways....

Remind homeowners of special considerations with attic remodels

One type of remodeling project that contractors may find is gaining more traction with homeowners is finishing an attic....

Getting a basement remodel just right

One of the more popular remodeling requests contractors encounter at this time of year is from homeowners who want to have a finished basement....

Advising clients on fall remodels

With September nearly here, summer business is now winding down for many contractors across the U.S., even as warmer weather could still linger for another month or two....

Helping clients boost ROI with green remodels

These days, contractors across the country are likely taking on more jobs in which homeowners ask not only for quick turnarounds on renovations, but also want to prioritize "green" projects....

Advising your clients on which kitchen investments will net the most value

Here are some project ideas to help your client get the most from his or her kitchen investment....

How to go green with insulation

Choosing the right insulation material can greatly impact a home's carbon footprint....

How to maximize space in home renovation projects

The next time you're working on a home expansion project and hit a wall, try these innovative ideas to get around it....

Why choose Palight Trim board?

Palight Trimboard offers an affordable, durable alternative to wood trim boards....

How to keep kitchens modern in 2018

Let's look at the kitchen, a space that's constantly in need of cleaning and periodic upgrading.

How to properly light a bathroom

You should not let your clients dismiss the the importance of bathroom lighting.

Can your clients have an outdoor kitchen?

Follow these tips to help build professional quality outdoor kitchens that can survive a harsh winter climate.

The advantages of James Hardie fiber cement siding

When choosing siding materials, there may be no better option than fiber cement.

Wall-to-wall carpeting: is it worth it?

Here are tips regarding wall-to-wall floor carpeting that you can pass on to your clientele.

Pros and cons of different countertop materials

Amerhart has highlighted a variety of popular countertop materials, stressing both their strengths and weaknesses.

Preserving buildings for enhanced sustainability

Renovating older buildings delivers a unique home and drastically reduces the amount of pollution created.

Recycling for better home design

Environmentally friendly home design doesn't just help save the planet, it eases tension on your client's wallet.

How to build homes that are more water resistant

Designing water-resistant homes is always a priority but now, in the face of extreme weather patterns, it's essential.

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