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NEW LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive

Amerhart 3/14/2023
Builders who are always on the lookout for details that make a big difference will want to check out the advantages that LP Legacy Sub-Floor Adhesive offers.

Go Carbon-Negative with LP SmartSide

Amerhart 11/10/2021
LP SmartSide Products store more carbon than the total greenhouse gas emissions released from resource extraction through to product distribution.

Edgebanding Adhesion: Think You're Stuck on Glue?


Although most edgebanding adhesion techniques rely on glue adhesives, there are alternatives. Zero-joint edgbanding is proving to be a profitable, convenient and hygienic option.

Best Practices for Storing Hardwood Plywood


A common concern with hardwood plywood is maintaining the quality of the veneer face during handling and storing. Here are three articles that David Destiche, Amerhart VP of Sales & Marketing, recommends if you want to deepen your understanding of best practices for storing hardwood plywood.

Step-by-Step Guide to Trex Select® Horizontal Railing

Having a small backyard and an envy-inducing patio aren’t mutually exclusive. Maybe your space is an unconventional shape or you’re concerned about squeezing in comfortable seating. Either way, these garden decking ideas will help you shake off the hesitation and get you excited for the possibilities—no matter your square footage.

Step-by-Step Guide to Trex Signature® Horizontal Railing

If effortless style, exceptional strength and unique customization are railing qualities you’re looking for, then search no further than our Trex Signature® railing options. Its sleek rails and curved edging provide the perfect complement to your surrounding yard and garden below. Follow along with this simple 9-step guide on how to install Trex Signature deck stair railing.

6 Steps for Decking Installation

Whether we’re talking about decking balustrades or our high performance composite, convenience is the cornerstone of every Trex product. Explore the six simple steps below to understand the basics.

Life Cycle Analysis Tool Compares Popular Cladding Choices

The experts have spoken! A recent Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) study found that vinyl and insulated vinyl siding have a better Environmental Impact Score (EIS) than other claddings, including wood cedar board, fiber cement and brick and mortar. Eleven impact categories, including ozone depletion, smog and global warming, were used to compare the exteriors in the study.

How To Avoid The Four Common Siding Installation Mistakes


While LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is easier to install, builders may feel pressured to skip a second look at installation guidelines in order to get a project complete on time or makeup for labor shortages. 

Why Remodelers Should Switch To LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding


Are you considering switching to LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding? Many remodelers and installers are anxious about switching to a new product—even when they know, in their gut, that it’s the right move. 

Popular features to consider adding to your patio

Backyards and patios are a valuable living space that deserves to be taken advantage of. Here are a few features you should consider adding to upgrade your yard or patio and enhance your outdoor living experience.

How to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

Innovations in bathroom fixtures can decrease your eco-footprint and your utility bills. Here are five tips to an eco-friendly bathroom remodel that’ll work for you and the planet.

How to boost curb appeal

Curb appeal is all about putting your best face forward. It’s the first impression of every house, and for most, the only glimpse they’ll get of the homeowner’s taste.

The custom features homeowners want

Before you decide to build your custom home, find out which features can help and which can hurt your chances of selling in the future.

What most people look for in a contractor

As a contractor, it can be valuable to consider exactly what clients are looking for when hiring you to complete a home renovation project.

3 top home renovation trends for 2019

Depending on how in-depth of a home renovation you're up for (or that you have the budget to handle), there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your living space.

7 things older homeowners look for in a renovation

In recent years, a number of factors have come together to create an environment in which aging in place has become extremely common among seniors.

4 popular patio features

With summer in full swing, many homeowners may want to build or redo a patio space to enjoy the longer daylight hours and warm weather with friends and family.

7 popular concepts when finishing a basement

The great news for any homeowner who's looking to finish their basement is that it often represents a blank slate.

Remodeling homes for aging owners

One of the most reliable types of remodeling at any time of year is for the growing percentage of older homeowners who don't want to downsize.

What goes into a green kitchen remodel?

Kitchens are almost always the most popular room for homeowners to remodel, and these days one of the biggest focuses of such an effort is making the room more efficient.

What people want in a bathroom renovation

Time and again, surveys and anecdotal evidence show that the bathroom is actually one of the most popular rooms in the house for a renovation effort.

More homeowners look to remodel

With the economy booming and property values rising, homeowners across the country find themselves at an interesting crossroads.

Identifying renovation trends for spring 2019

Many contractors may be ramping up their efforts for spring, or have already gotten some of them underway.

Advising clients on building an addition

Contractors must work closely with a homeowner to make sure all involved understand the budget for an addition and what's feasible within that framework.
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