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Spotlight on PRISM TFL Zambukka

Amerhart 10/29/2021
See how PRISM TFL Zambukka captures visual interest and integrates with the design for the Inkwell Decatur Apartments in Decatur, Georgia.

Spotlight on PRISM TFL Karuna Ash

Amerhart 9/27/2021
See how PRISM TFL Karuna Ash contributes to the modern elegance of The Matadora apartment complex in Historic Savannah, Georgia.

Protecting Walls from Pets with HardStop® Panels

A new 24-hour pet hospital in Somers, Wisconsin, is keeping its walls protected from its furry friends with the help of HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels.

Capturing Attention with Oxibronze DecoMetal® Laminate

A recessed lobby featuring Formica's stunning Oxibronze DecoMetal Laminate pattern is helping FGM Architects attract clients & visitors to their new offices.

Seeing is Believing for Rice Companies

When designing the new local office space for the St. Cloud, Minnesota branch of Northwestern Mutual, Rice Companies used virtual reality to showcase the various laminate surfaces and get client approval.

Maison Enfant Soleil Features Formica

For the sixth consecutive year, Opération Enfant Soleil has partnered with Bonneville Homes to build the “Maison Enfant Soleil” – a magnificent house that is raffled as a fundraiser for the organization.

Jewish Hospital Simulation Rooms Feature HardStop™ Panels

Practice makes perfect! We typically use that expression when referring to an athlete or a musician, but we often overlook the fact that many medical professionals need ongoing practice and training as well.

Four Garden Decking Ideas for Small Spaces


Having a small backyard and an envy-inducing patio aren’t mutually exclusive. Maybe your space is an unconventional shape or you’re concerned about squeezing in comfortable seating. Either way, these garden decking ideas will help you shake off the hesitation and get you excited for the possibilities—no matter your square footage.

Maintain building envelope to save on energy costs

Did you know the envelope determines 40% of a building’s energy performance?

5 remodels to increase the value of your home

If you’re thinking about selling your house but aren’t confident you’ll sell at a profit, consider these five remodels which will increase your home’s value.

A guide to remodeling a fixer-upper

Fixer-uppers can be a daunting task — its in the name. However, a home in need of some TLC doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it.

4 steps to age-proof homes

The practice of living out retired years at a care facility or with relatives can be a thing of the past — as a growing number of retirees opt to stay in their homes as long as possible.

Tips for remodeling an old house

There are certain things to keep in mind when beginning on the journey of remodeling an old home, which hopefully will save homeowners from heartbreak and financial setbacks in the long run, as well as provide them with a stunning final product.

5 unique kitchen countertop ideas

Help clients choose the right kitchen countertop for their style and practical needs.

Storage solutions for every room

Helpful storage solutions to meet the organization needs of clients.

5 ways to spruce up your home exterior for fall

5 practical tips for sprucing up your home for fall while preparing it for winter.

4 simple renovations for homeowners ready to sell

Home renovations made in order to help your home sell do not need to be extravagant. Here are 4 simple renovations that can be done quickly at a low cost.

Renovation tips for a craftsman-style home

When you’re about to get started on a renovation project on an American craftsman home, consider this advice.

6 tips to remodel a ranch house

From the 1950s into the '90s, ranch-style homes were quite popular among developers and buyers alike.

7 remodels that provide a big ROI

When homeowners are looking to remodel, they often want something that will both make their houses a little more livable and more valuable.

4 tips for a tech-minded master bedroom renovation

When people are redoing the master bedroom, they may have a lot of big ideas about what makes sense for their needs and specific tastes.

5 remodel projects to make a home more efficient

With spring in full swing and many people starting their remodel plans or even projects, one thing a lot of homeowners may want out of such an effort is a more efficient home.

Enclosed porch ideas for spring

Many homeowners with ample space in the yard may spend a lot of time thinking about how they would like to spend a little more time outdoors in the spring and summer.

5 ways to tackle a spring kitchen remodel

One type of remodeling job that often proves popular as winter turns into spring is redoing a kitchen.

Tips for remodeling a basement this spring

Now that February has arrived, many homeowners may be turning their attention to the renovation projects they want to undertake once the spring thaw comes.
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