Project Inspiration

Renovation tips for a craftsman-style home

When you’re about to get started on a renovation project on an American craftsman home, consider this advice.

6 tips to remodel a ranch house

From the 1950s into the '90s, ranch-style homes were quite popular among developers and buyers alike.

7 remodels that provide a big ROI

When homeowners are looking to remodel, they often want something that will both make their houses a little more livable and more valuable.

4 tips for a tech-minded master bedroom renovation

When people are redoing the master bedroom, they may have a lot of big ideas about what makes sense for their needs and specific tastes.

5 remodel projects to make a home more efficient

With spring in full swing and many people starting their remodel plans or even projects, one thing a lot of homeowners may want out of such an effort is a more efficient home.

Enclosed porch ideas for spring

Many homeowners with ample space in the yard may spend a lot of time thinking about how they would like to spend a little more time outdoors in the spring and summer.

5 ways to tackle a spring kitchen remodel

One type of remodeling job that often proves popular as winter turns into spring is redoing a kitchen.

Tips for remodeling a basement this spring

Now that February has arrived, many homeowners may be turning their attention to the renovation projects they want to undertake once the spring thaw comes.

2019 master bathroom renovation inspiration

While the new year is just starting, many homeowners may be planning out their long-term investments for home renovation projects.

Winter is a great time to remodel a basement

With the new year just about here, many Americans may be thinking of the various home improvement projects they want to undertake in the year ahead.

3 simple bedroom renovation ideas

One common change people like to make to their homes at this time of year is to spruce up their master bedrooms.

Remodeling a Bathroom: A Great Idea This Winter

When winter rolls around, many homeowners may not want to undertake big renovation projects.

Remodeling for energy efficiency

Across the U.S., colder weather is starting to descend upon a large and growing number of homes.

Keep costs down on a living room remodel

Contractors know all too well that one of the biggest issues they face when helping people remodel various aspects of their homes is that what their clients want and what they can actually afford don't always match up evenly....

Adding class and value to home exteriors

Here are several ideas to discuss with your client the next time you are called upon for exterior renovations....

Helping your clients create a bathroom they will love

You should always be prepared to offer honest advice about which trends will likely last and which are passing fads....

Which flooring is best for client bathrooms?

Part of your job includes educating your clients on which bathroom flooring option is best for them.

Helping your clients repair weather damage

Follow these tips to help you clients repair and weatherproof their homes.

Tips for efficiently refurbishing a basement

The foundation of many homes, basements cannot be rushed without potentially harming the whole property.

How to renovate a deck for spring

Pitch the damages of the past season as an opportunity for new ideas and new construction design.

Preparing a home exterior for spring

When talking to a client about home renovations in the new year, make sure they plan for the changing seasons.

How to upgrade to a more energy-efficient home

While most clients won't build a new house just to lower winter costs, modifications can reduce energy consumption.

Preventing Ice Dams During Midwest Winters

Amerhart has the materials necessary to help you avoid ice dams on your roof.

Designing Your 2018 With Vintage Shiplap

Ranging from kitchen walls to living room accents, shiplap can transform a worn and tired room into an invigorating and welcoming space.

Ready for Thanksgiving? Consider these renovations

The dinner is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving and now is the perfect time to renovate your dining room for the holiday.
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