Multifamily Solutions

The future is up! From high-rise apartments, to townhouses and duplexes, to condominium communities, builders and investors are responding to the market demand for housing with new multifamily developments and mixed-use construction. Real Page Analytics reports that 2022 has been a record year for apartment construction in many markets across the United States.

Multifamily housing offers advantages for the builder and the consumer. It uses less material per residence, translating to greater ROI and less impact on the environment. 

Count on Amerhart to supply the quality products you need for your multifamily project, from structural solutions for a stable foundation, to siding and trim to suit any neighborhood aesthetic, to a wide variety of panels, surfaces and accessories to design attractive and inviting living spaces.

Structural Solutions that scale

LP WeatherLogic

LP WeatherLogic Panel
Premium protection safeguards homes from air and water during construction and for years to come. 

LP WeatherLogic

LP FlameBlock

LP FlameBlock Panel
Superior OSB sheathing certified to meet fire code while offering greater design flexibility.

LP FlameBlock

LP Legacy

LP WeatherLogic Panel
Gorilla Glue Technology® helps build one of the strongest, stiffest sub-floors in the industry.

LP Legacy

Defend multistory dwellings

Typar MetroWrap

Typar MetroWrap is a superior choice for defending multifamily dwellings, light commercial projects and large commercial structures. Enhanced UV protection even helps you deal with project delays and changing timelines. When you're building over four stories, MetrWrap ensures you're more than ready for the challenge.

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Typar Metrowrap

add value with Outdoor amenities

Trex Transcend Decking

Trex Decking and Railing

Multifamily Dive reports that the demand for outdoor living spaces increased at the start of the pandemic. Add desirable outdoor amenities to increase the value of your multifamily project with private balconies and patios or a shared rooftop deck constructed of low-maintenance Trex Decking and Railing. Trex is the world's #1 decking brand and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. 

create Welcoming and durable interiors

PRISM TFL Surfaces

With a wide variety of designs available, Arauco Prism thermally fused laminate (TFL) is sure to have just the right patterns to create a distinct aesthetic for any multifamily dwelling. Durability and easy installation also make Prism TFL an ideal surface solution for high-traffic community rooms, gyms, and other shared spaces. See how two apartment complexes, the Matadora and Inkwell Decatur Apartments, made Prism TFL integral to their design choices.

Arauco Prism