Picking Out New Countertops in the New Year

Think about upgrading your countertops in the new year.

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, where traditions are made and passed on and where family members gather throughout the holidays. Your kitchen counters and appliances see a lot of love while also getting put through the ringer. After years of wear and tear, it may be time to make your New Year's resolution to pick out new countertops.

"Make your New Year's resolution to pick out new countertops."

Choosing the best countertop for your home

Nowadays, countertops come in all types of materials, colors, patterns, and finishes. In many cases, your most limiting factor is your budget. Some materials are much more expensive than others. However, you also need to keep your family's preferences and habits in mind.

Your countertop options include:

  • Laminate: Laminate countertop comes in an almost endless array of colors, designs, and patterns for an affordable price. However, laminate is susceptible to damage, like being scorched by hot pans or scratched by knives. You do not need to avoid laminate, just ensure you always use hot pads and cutting boards.
  • Granite: This stone comes in a variety of natural hues and ensures your countertop is entirely unique since no two slabs are the same. It ranges in price from quite affordable to very expensive. It needs to be sealed periodically, but is otherwise great for busy kitchens since it generally resists stains, heat, and scratching. Forgoing regular sealing results in the granite becoming susceptible to stains as it is a porous surface.
  • Quartz: While granite is 100 percent natural, quartz is a mixture of a natural stone with a polymer resin. It is a low-maintenance option that is difficult to stain. It comes in a wider range of colors and patterns than granite and does not need to be resealed. However, it can be scorched by heat, so keep your trivets handy.
  • Concrete: Concrete offers a variety of colors and finishes. With different staining techniques, you can have a very unique look. However, concrete is more likely to discolor and requires resealing to remain stain resistant, though it is very heat and scratch resistant.
  • Stainless steel: This is offers a clean, modern look. It is resistant to heat, stains, and water damage since it is non-porous. However, you are likely to see dents, scratches and fingerprints. It can also be loud.
  • Butcher block: Wood countertops offer a warm appearance and feel, and are easy to clean. However, they need to be oiled frequently to prevent water damage, will scorch when touched by hot pans, can stain, and are easily scratched. You may look forward to all of the wear and tear giving the counter character, or you may buy extra cutting boards.

Choosing the best countertop for your home and family comes down to your needs, priorities, and habits. Browse through our product catalogs to see what we have to offer.

When you are ready for a change, Amerhart is here to make your kitchen feel brand new this New Year.