Ready for Winter? Your Trex Deck Is

Your low-maintenance Trex deck is ready for winter. If you live in Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you already know what the rest of us are soon to find out.  Winter is upon us.

Thankfully, you own a Trex deck.

Unlike your neighbors with wood decks—who will spend their fall days and weekends washing, staining and sealing—your wood-alternative Trex deck only requires basic cleaning with soap and water to be winterized.

As the snow starts to fly, here are a few tips that you and your neighbors (you know, the ones still covered in deck stain) will want to remember:

  • Clear small amounts of snow with a broom.  This is both the easiest and, more importantly, safest cleaning method as there is zero risk of damaging your deck.
  • For deep snow  – over four inches – you’ll need a shovel.  ALWAYS use a plastic shovel to minimize the risk of scratching or gouging your deck.
  • Shovel parallel to the deck boards.
  • Never chop or scrape ice on your deck.  Instead, use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt away any ice collected on the surface.  Rinse off the rock salt as soon as possible.

Although winter can be challenging, caring for you deck in winter does not have to be.  Just keep these simple instructions in mind and your deck will be ready for the spring thaw!

For more information on taking care of your Trex deck, please see caretaking guidelines or watch care and cleaning videos on Trex’s website.