Recycling for better home design

Environmentally friendly home design doesn’t just help save the planet, it eases tension on your client’s wallet.

These days, many people want to take steps to extend the sustainability of their home. Environmentally friendly construction measures don't just help save the planet, they can ease tensions on your client's wallet. With national awareness rising on issues like climate change and extreme weather patterns, expanding your arsenal with environmentally friendly home construction options is a powerful way to attract new business.

Reusing C&D materials

Whenever a project is completed, not every building component is used. The Environmental Protection Agency classified Construction and Demolition materials as debris created as a byproduct from home or building construction, renovation, and demolition. This material is typically available at reduced costs, allowing you to pass on the savings to your client.

While not every leftover element qualifies as C&D building material, you should be able to reuse most leftover wood, concrete, glass, bricks, and plastics. The EPA even provided a handy reuse and recycling cost estimation tool to help you and your client calculate the exact savings from utilizing this sustainable materials management initiative.

Even a damaged home typically has intact sections, which can be reused with no danger to the client.Even a damaged home typically has intact sections, which can be reused with no danger to the client.

Recycling outside of the box

Of course, this form of recycling is still fairly uniform and fits in line with traditional home construction. After all, you're still using basic building materials. However, for clients who demand a unique living space, recycling is perfect way to stamp a home design or expansion project with originality.

According to The Balance, numerous individuals have been using recycled parts from outside home construction. One man utilized part of a Boeing 727 to create a new room while another used an old train carriage to expand a guest cottage. Projects like this can sound huge and intimidating but using recycled materials doesn't need to be this drastic.

For instance, if you have a client who is a cycling enthusiast, those old tire frames can be fit into construction, resulting in unique and aesthetically pleasing windows. Glass bottles can also be recycled into makeshift stained glass, perfect for laid-back home design near the coast or in an area known for lazy summers.

When working with your client, try to embolden his or her creativity, while at the same time emphasizing the structural realities that need to be met.

Using "green" materials

Of course, not every home renovation needs part of a plane to be environmentally sustainable. Sometimes just using the right materials can make a big difference. This is where Amerhart believes we can help you and your clients. Amerhart has been a Forest Stewardship Council certified distributor for over 10 years.

The Forest Stewardship Council was created specifically for empowering stronger woodland ecosystems, transforming all logging into a sustainable business. The institution promotes globally respected standard setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services for businesses and communities that believe in responsible forestry.

To this end, Amerhart is proud to provide NAUF particleboard, which has reduced formaldehyde emissions to a environmentally friendly state and Columbia PureBond, which is completely free of the dangerous chemical. We work with a range of certified green manufacturers, helping you find affordable sustainable building materials for clients.

Homes need to be updated and sustainability is clearly a dominating trend in the 21st century. Your clients will be thrilled with the creative spark these initiatives can bring to their living spaces, as well as the money you're saving them. You can also proudly advertise yourself as a green home construction expert, using new sustainable ideas to promote your business and increase revenue.

Amerhart is proud to do its part to help the planet and we encourage others to take up the standard. A recycled home is not less than a regular home, it is more. It represents a thoughtful investment in the future, the same principle that guides all quality home projects.